Energy Saving

Advanced German-engineered heating technology allows you to evenly heat your home with clean, emission-free radiant heat. LHZ also offers patented Magmatic heat retention tablets that continue to provide heat to the room even after the electricity is turned off.

Easy Installation

All LHZ heating solutions are easy for our installers to install and can be retrofitted for use in multiple rooms.

Efficient Heating

Precise thermostats control the temperature very accurately, and are available in both digital and manually operated options. Whether you want your room to be toasty warm, or just want to take the edge off the chill – LHZ offers the ideal controllable heating solution

Eco-Friendly, Easy to Use and Economical

LHZ home heating solutions are designed with both the homeowner and the environment in mind. All our radiators and convector heaters allow you to warm your home with clean, emission-free radiant heat that is kind to the planet. They also offer user-friendly easy installation, simple operation and optimum lifecycle costs.

Product Range


Our high-spec German-manufactured convector heaters provide fast reliable heat that is easily controllable by either manual or digitally-operated thermostats.


Available in several shapes and sizes, LHZ radiators provide elegant heating solutions for almost any home layout, heating requirements and decor.  The radiant heat they generate evenly spreads through your living spaces where you can enjoy it while you sit, stand or sleep.

What Our Customers Have to Say

Visage convectors

A great looking convection heater  that is in a league of its own in New Zealand in terms of style and functionality.  The grill is at the top of the heater, allowing it to be placed behind furniture.



A high-spec convection heater offering robust European style and function that is unique to New Zealand.  It incorporates our patented Magmatic heat retention tablets that continue to provide heat to the room even after the electricity is turned off.


A great looking entry level LHZ heater that gives you robust, German style and engineering at an affordable price. Our Opal Convector does not include our patented Magmatic heat retention tablets.


standard radiators

Perfect for most situations – LHZ standard radiators are 63cm high and can be either wall-mounted or free standing. 


low radiators

Ideal for under windows or where space is limited due to shelves or other furniture – LHZ low radiators are 34cm high and provide the same heating output as our standard radiators. They can be wall-mounted or free standing.

tall radiators

Purpose-designed to be mounted on a wall – LHZ tall radiators are 124 cm high and are ideal for rooms that have limited wall space due to furniture or large windows. 


What Our Customers Have to Say

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