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Our Story

For over 30 years Lucht LHZ has been a leading international innovator of future-oriented, emission-free, electric heating technology. 

LHZ was established in 1988 in Limbach, Germany, and to this day remains privately owned by the Lucht family.  The name LHZ stands for Lucht Heizung, which in German means Lucht Heating. 

Our New Zealand office is based in Hamilton and we have installers throughout New Zealand.  

LHZ is renowned across the world for the supreme quality of our electric heating products.  We are continually working to improve our products to remain at the forefront of worldwide technological advancements.  We have recently secured a worldwide patent for the ‘Magmatic’ heat retention tablets that lie at the heart of our products. These combined with all the other special features makes LHZ heating solutions totally unique within the international electric heating market.

Engineered in Germany with proven, reliable high-spec technology – LHZ radiators and convection heaters are perfect for keeping homes comfortable in New Zealand winter conditions.  Designed for efficiency and warmth, they provide long-lasting emission-free radiant heat that will effectively warm up your living spaces, with options even available for bathrooms.

30 years of perfect warmth. For a sense of well-being.

Our Mission

Technology & Innovation

Lucht LHZ electrical heating equipment is developed and manufactured in Germany. All our products are compliant with national and international best practices, guidelines and laws – and satisfy the specifications of the European Eco-design Directive for heat generators and heat storage units.

Our smart regulation technology allows maximum comfort, absolute energy and cost efficiency, and state-of-the-art operating ease.

Our products offer more because they combine

  • space heating and
  • interior design.

We combine function and design. We give architects and residents more design freedom. We provide more room to live. Because our equipment can do more.

Function & Design

Durable Eco-Focused Quality

Our LHZ heating solutions offer extremely long service lives and flexible usage options. We focus on durability and recyclable materials. Environmentally-incompatible materials, like plastics, are only used where technically necessary.

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